12.09.2019 Ostroverkhov A.
Was at boarding school 2 times already on this and made some conclusions. The boarding house still Soviet-built although in very good condition. Both times settled immediately and at no additional cost(unlike Sochi pensions). One time arrived late in the evening for 14 hours until check in, checked in with no problems. The rooms are standard Euro fashion, the only difference it the location of the rooms. About the site is just super, green sea and a small zoo will be great fun for your little ones. Now about the restaurant, it is a decent restaurant. The food is good. Room service is quite satisfactory, again as I wrote about Sochi as agreed with the staff(people are quite helpful especially if they are not yelling). In the pension there is a swimming pool that is quite decent. Every day the pool is ready to use and seriously check doctors. There is also a bar-restaurant. The bar is true with alcohol, not a lot, but the restaurant serves great meat dishes, shish kebab is just awesome. Staff separate respect and uvazhuha, as they say. People are trying to create a rest with maximum comfort. By the way the guest house has its own beach. The beach is sandy and very clean. Sell drinks and food. A separate place for smokers. To the beach and back free bus. Summing up the boarding house is not bad.
26.07.2019 Serpuhove E.
Rested in July. Came to heal mud, rode through the city, choose from several resorts, chose the best. In admiration! The rooms are tidy after the repair. Cleaning depends on the maid) the Food is excellent and very a whole lot! The staff is polite and friendly. The boarding house territory is well maintained, features a mini zoo, a pond with swans. Initially booked for 11 days, then decided to extend another week. Price - quality, the perfect balance. In a separate building there is apartmetment for wealthy guests or more solemn moments. I recommend to all!
10.05.2019 Kudryavtsev I.
Vacationing family with a child 5 months 10 days. Impression only positive.All at a decent level. A large area.revenge of the mini zoo. ROE deer are almost tame. A large heated pool. Friendly staff, good medical facilities, food a solid 4, sun ,sea. What else is needed?